Why Alpha

Alpha is an independent firm and while it works with the premier investment banks- to provide its clients greater choice- it is not tied to any of these institutions.

The firm follows a unique pricing model in which clients are charged a nominal administration fee, relying instead for compensation on an incentive fee that is calculated as a percentage of net client profits. Any fees or retrocessions received from product providers are re-credited to the client or, alternatively, Alpha will negotiate discounts on the fees and commissions charged by providers.

In this way, Alpha does well when its clients do well and the interests of Alpha and those of its clients are perfectly aligned.
In addition, there are various other factors that differentiate Alpha from its peers:

  • Client assets are held only with premier and ‘investment grade’ institutions rated ‘BBB’ (Moody’s) or Baa (S&P) or higher and counterparty risk subject to regular review.
  • the ability to offer booking centres in multiple jurisdictions and in all the major financial centres of the world.
  • access is provided to the leading corporate formation, trust, foundation, tax, legal and financial planning experts through Alpha’s networks in the industry
  • an integrated approach to its clients’ investment banking requirements, ranging from asset management to liability management, including capital raising (debt and equity) for clients’ businesses