Managed Accounts Programme (MAP)

The Managed Accounts Programme or ‘MAP’ allows clients to customise their investment strategy, by specifying a discrete set of risk/return parameters.
Accounts are segregated (no co-mingling of assets is permitted) and investments are primarily made in fixed income securities. Leverage and/or short sales may or may not be used, depending on client risk tolerance.
The manager has over 25 years experience and has gained a specialist expertise extending across the fixed income spectrum including:

  • sovereign, supranational, agency and investment grade
  • High yield, leveraged and emerging market debt
  • asset backed securities
  • derivative instruments (CDS, FTD, CLN etc)

Depending on client preferences, the manager may or may not make currency bets. A key specialisation is in interest rate arbitrage or ‘carry trades’.
The manager uses a rigorous and highly disciplined investment approach, involving in-depth market research and analysis. Alpha uses its own proprietary trading models, developed /refined over the years and with a proven track record.

In addition to fixed income investments, MAP is able to construct and manage diversified portfolios, including equity, commodity, real- estate and other alternative investments- with or without currency exposure. Leverage and derivative products can be used selectively to enhance returns, based on the client’s investment guidelines and risk appetite.

Among the portfolios offered by MAP is a short-term (up to 24 months) cash management portfolio (C-MAP) that seeks to generate excess returns by investing in yield-enhancing reverse convertible securities with underlying exposure to blue chip stocks.